Cali premium seeds

The United States currently holds the cannabis breeding crown. Legalization has opened up the door for the creation of the strongest and tastiest strains on earth. Experiencing these strains filled us with inspiration and gave us the drive to create our own varieties of the same calibre. Our cali premium seeds pack have a hy THC levels. These cultivars are stronger, stickier, and more productive than those you’ll find just about anywhere else.

a beautiful Diesel Gold Drift at week 4 

growing Cali premium seeds 

Our Cali premium seeds are for growers in search of the strongest weed around. If you feel that your tolerance has increased, or that your favourite strain doesn’t hit the same anymore, these cultivars will bombard your cannabinoid receptors with a refreshing experience.These strains also offer an entirely unique character of their own, giving growers the chance to experience the unique phytochemical blends that come with such innovation.

Take a look at our Cali premium seeds to find a variety that suits your tastes.

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